1. Why do you call them the Cultural Creatives?
Because they are literally creating a new culture. Innovation by innovation they are shaping a new American culture for the 21st century.


2. Aren't they all just... New Age?
No the New Agers are only a tiny postage stamp on the corner of this envelope-about 5% of population compared to 26%, and half of the New Agers aren't Cultural Creatives either. Most Cultural Creatives are very mainstream and would be offended if you called them New Age. They're very grounded and practical people…..




3. Why are the Cultural Creatives important: why should I (or my readers/audience) care?

The sheer size of the CC population at 50 million people is already affecting the way Americans do business and politics. They're making new kinds of businesses and nonprofits, and they're also driving the demand for:
· ecologically sustainable products and services, and concern for the whole planet.
· to insist on authenticity, personally, at work, in business & politics.
· bringing women's issues into public life.
· doing the news differently, to see the big picture, and first person stories, and good news too.
· bringing spirituality into American life.

If people don't know about the Cultural Creatives they may be left behind, wondering where all the changes are coming from. After all, any time one in four Americans are changing their minds in fundamental ways, it's worth paying attention to, because it's going to change your life too.


What the Cultural Creatives value and the kind of new solutions they're creating, give us reason for optimism about the future.

There are more Cultural Creatives than voted for Clinton in the last election. If they get it together, they can win.

Cultural Creatives are redefining what success means, away from success at work and making a lot of money, toward a more soulful life focused on personal fulfillment, social conscience, creating a better future for everyone on the planet.

A new industry is appearing: Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability, and it's $230 Billion in the U.S. this year, and $540 Billion worldwide. And the Cultural Creatives are their entire market.


因為「文化創意人」已經在美國有5000萬的人口數,不論在經濟、就業、工作;或婦女、公眾事務、心靈、健康、環保等議題方面,都跟過去有著截然不同的視野與觀點。「文化創意人」認為「成功」除了金錢之外,還必須配合身心靈的圓滿;並且關心「未來」能否給子孫同樣適合居住的環境。Lifestyles of Health and SustainabilityLohas的生活實踐與消費已然成形,所以不論為自己或為別人,為子孫,都應該花一點時間去深入了解,搭上這班迎向未來的列車!


4. If they're so important how come I haven't seen them before?

a) Actually you have seen them:

b) If you look at values, you'll see them.

c) The Cultural Creatives have been invisible to public view:
How can 50 million people be invisible?







5. So what are all these creative solutions you're talking about, and why do you think that can make a difference?




6. Well, what kinds of things are they doing?




6. Why have the social and consciousness movements made such a difference?

7. Why does all of this make such a difference?



The Cultural Creatives are the ones who have been really paying attention, applying those reframings in their own lives.



文化創意人 之作者官方網站Q&Ahttp://www.culturalcreatives.org/faq.html


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